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Who Is Mubali?

Mubali is the psychedelic trance moniker for Greg Farley. Established in 2003, his journey in musical development allowed him to become involved in the Psychedelic Trance music scene. His career spans nearly two decades with several album releases and many releases on established labels throughout the years. 

His sound can be described as a fusion between psychedelic sounds and atmospheres grounded by evocative dance elements. Mubali has performed his compositions in over 29 countries for fans of psychedelic trance and has on occasion performed for up to 6 hours at a time, creating a unique experience for a dancefloor.

Over the past few years, Mubali has been focusing on his education and using the knowledge he has accumulated to help current and future psychedelic trance producers. Since 2019, he has helped many individuals with their own excursions into musical development through his music production tutoring service. He also has a You Tube channel featuring concepts in music production. 

Mubali has completed his education at University of California, San Diego and is currently lending his unique talents to Universal Audio. He is still performing and creating new sonic experiences on occasion. 

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